LLM Update – December 2020

LLM is looking forward to presenting our first-ever winter lecture series, whose outlines have been posted on the website.

These two series, The Soviet Experiment and Special Places and Remarkable People, will be offered from January 12 to March 2 and from January 14 to March 11, 2021.

To register for a series, go to the Register page and click on the appropriate link, which will take you directly to Eventbrite to sign up. Please remember that you need buy only one ticket per household.

Once you have registered for a lecture series you should receive an acknowledgement from Eventbrite. Then the day before each lecture you will receive an email from LLM with your link to join the webinar.

LLM’s experience with our fall virtual lectures proved that we no longer need much lead time to organize participants’ email notifications, so there will no longer be a registration cutoff date. Participants will be able to register at any time before or during the lecture series for $40 per household.

Remember to let your friends know about these high-calibre lectures, which might be the very stimulation they will be looking for during the long dark days of the coming winter.