UPDATE 15 September 2020

1. Registration for both series closes 30 September 2020 at midnight

2. Participants will receive a link from Lifelong Learning Mississauga to join the webinar EACH WEEK on the DAY BEFORE the lecture

3. If you don’t see the link from LLM the day before the lecture, check your Spam folder in case it’s there

September 2020

LLM has decided to offer virtual lectures for Fall 2020, using the Zoom platform. We are confident this will work well as other later life learning groups have been using this platform with great success.

You may be familiar with Zoom from face-to-face meetings with family, friends and colleagues during the pandemic. Those who have not tried Zoom will find it easy to access and very user friendly. We encourage you to go to the Zoom website ( and view some of the introductory videos that will help you get started using your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Your home technology is your responsibility and LLM does not have a large enough team to help you with that, but you will find the introductory videos on the Zoom website most helpful in answering your questions.

If you do not have the technology to use Zoom and are not interested in acquiring the necessary equipment, you may still participate if you get together with a friend in your bubble and share their setup.

LLM is offering two lecture series in the fall of 2020: Ian Greene, Ethics in Politics: Oxymoron or Necessity? and Peter Harris, The 1960s – From Berkeley to Berlin. They begin on Tuesday, October 6 and Thursday, October 8 respectively.

The outlines of the two fall 2020 lecture series and brief bios of the speakers can be viewed on this LLM website,

As of September 1, registration is open for these Zoom webinars. Follow the REGISTER link to Eventbrite, just as you have done for previous in-person lectures.

After you have registered for a lecture series, Eventbrite will acknowledge your purchase, and closer to the start of the lectures LLM will send a link to allow you to join the Zoom webinar at the appointed time on the start date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I be able to see other participants?

A: No. Webinars allow participants to see the moderator and the presenter but not other participants. Participants’ audio and video will be turned off, so you can enjoy the lectures in your pajamas if you want to.

Q: Will I be able to ask questions of the speaker?

A: Yes. The Zoom webinar format has a Q&A function that you can use throughout the lecture. Your questions will be answered immediately following the lecture.

Q: What will be the cost of the lectures?

A: The cost is $40 for each series of eight lectures, but for one person per household only, which means a couple will pay one $40 registration rather than two. Registration is online through Eventbrite only. There will be no refunds.

Q: Can the lectures be taped or recorded for viewing at a later time?

A: No. Because of copyright and intellectual property considerations, LLM is not granting permission for lectures to be taped or recorded and asks that you respect this decision.

Q: Will the lectures also be virtual during Spring 2021?

A: We don’t know yet. At this time, we are planning for Fall 2020 only. LLM will be reviewing the effectiveness of this type of event and looking at all options.

Please feel free to contact an LLM volunteer at if you have further questions.